Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and seek

 The hidarikiki stabs me in the legs the sticks poke me
in the face will I be the first
to be found as I run through the bush I tell my friends and say go
away go away. the teachers prowl towards us the branches wave to the teachers I'm going to get found. The lash green leaves scrap on me
as I climb up the branches slowly push me up the tree.
My friends start gigling shh they will find us she creeped by
trying to find us. The leaves
start waving and Rustling she saw my friends she
found them I was right on top of them I'm going to get found
 I say softly she hears it who's there. I'm going to get found I tucked my legs in I slept on The branch it makes a very big snap she sees me I hold my breath found you.

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