Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The new addiction

The new addiction

My reflection
I learnt to do my punctuation when I was writing my speech. I think I stayed on task a lot got my speech done even though I was away when we started our speech, but ended up getting it done.

Have you seen on the news lately?

The games Pac man and minecraft have made way for the new addiction that's taking over the world, and it is very worrying.  Why is it so worrying? People are getting hurt while playing Pokemon.

Some scary things have been happening, people have been walking off cliffs and driving their cars into trees. There were three girls were wandering about hunting down Pokemon and guess what they found…? A dead body! That is very scary.

  it is an addictive game!! why because it's like virtual reality you have to walk around to find the Pokemon and you want to catch every Pokemon because it makes your character go up levels and become more powerful. It is addictive enough that people aren't looking where they're going, a girl crashed her car into a tree playing Pokemon. Our parents are desperate for us to come back to the real world and spend some time with them.
Pokemon came out on the App Store last month since then it has taken over people's lives and all they’re doing is catching Pokemon catching Pokemon catching Pokemon. Some people aren't socializing much at all, all they do all day is look at their phones and catch Pokemon.

 Then they go home and open the app again to see if their is any Pokemon around them it is just so crazy. If you play Pokemon go  you should only play it in park and away from streets. Remember that people have got very hurt playing the game. They crashed their cars fallen of cliffs and been hit by a train because they didn't look at the train when he crossed and he nearly died. If you play this addictive game trust me it will be the only thing you will do.

People should be more aware of their surroundings when playing the game. Perhaps the app should beep every ten seconds or give you an alert when you are near train tracks or when you are near a highway. This could save people's lives. I'm going to avoid Pokemon go and maybe you should to it will make the world a better social place.


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