Thursday, 14 April 2016

Multimedia art work

Multimedia artwork 

Art reflection
This term I have been learning to create a soundscape for a poem that  I have written this year. It demonstrates my understanding of music. For example I use dynamics and I used a cello for my rhythm and beat in my soundscape elements. 

I think my soundscape is multistructural because I can use musical elements for example I use the shaker for rain on the roof and I rubbed my  hands together to make birds chirping in a my  musical soundscape but didn't explain why I chose them and their intended impact. 

I think I did well because I didn't get distracted and I think it is quality work.

Listen to my soundscape for my poem here: 

His orange hair 
is a sun rise.

He smells like lavender 
in the mornings.

His voice is music to my ears
it makes me warm inside.

His eyes flitter from side to side 
after he tells a joke.

He helps me with my school work
and my sport. 
He can nearly touch the ceiling
with his long arms, they come in useful sometimes

I love my dad.

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  1. Hi I love your poem it's a great poem you used lots of detail it great I like the part when you say his orange hair is a Sunrise.👹