Thursday, 29 October 2015


The sun sets above us as we cast our line in . The mountains surround us. As they shrug their shoulders, the gentle clouds roll over above. The smell of the salty water hit me first. I saw giant fish gliding through the water.

I noticed the gloomy grey sky above us. The fish were slithering at the bottom it was cold morning it didn't help that there was freezing breeze. Then I felt a small but gentle tug from a fish under us. I felt so excited it was like a mind explosion. Was it thin and long or was it small or big?

I clutched my hands on to the rod. I got ready, suddenly... there was a massive tug. I struggled to keep a grip of the rod. I finally pulled the magnificent fish out of the water. “I have caught my first fish,” I yelled out. I was so excited and I felt so proud. Then I saw a small tug on my brother’s fishing rod. He slowly started to pull the fish in. he slowly wheeled the fish in... it sprang out of the water like a kangaroo onto the wharf. It was a baby fish. 

Dad said we would have to throw it back in. ”Never mind,” dad said. “You’ll get another one”.


  1. Wow lots of Bright Sparks words! It reminds me when I went to Japan and I went fishing with my friends.

  2. Thank you for writing this, the careful description took me back to my own childhood fishing in Marlborough Sounds. I love the way you describe this experience, that you struggled to keep a grip on the rod. That's exactly what it feels like catching a fish, from has been many years since I caught a fish admittedly. I never did like taking them off the hook....

  3. Nice description Chris,
    It reminds me of when I used to go pier fishing at Golden Bay and I caught loads of small fish, I even fished in a starfish! Finally I caught a snapper, it was delicious.