Tuesday, 27 October 2015

All star basketball team

I was at the YMCA. My heart was pounding.  We were versing a very tough team - they were tall, fast and strong. I knew we weren't going to win. I slowly walked on. I slowly got ready. I had butterflies in my tummy. “Screech!” the whistle went. We won the tip off. I got the ball and speed like cheetah to the hoop. I scored. The other team got the ball straight away then they scored. It was a tough game. In the end they won. 

My team mate and I got asked to go with a ref. I didn't know were we where going. Then they said to us you have been selected for the all stars basketball team. They said it was the best ten players from all the teams that play at the ymca. Then I exploded with happiness. We had to pay eighty dollars but you got at shirt to keep it was worth it. 

The first game was at pioneer at twelve thirty, two weeks later. I was suddenly at the giant three court of the sweaty hot pioneer gym. Our first game looked easy.  We warmed up. We started doing skills that were incredibly hard. Then it was time to start, I was sub. Straight away we had scored ten points. My eyes were riveted to the game. 

I got subbed on,  my hands clutched on to the ball. I drove through two players and scored.They were changing at us like an army of giants. They were aggressive with the ball, but our defence was too good for them. We ended up winning by sixty points. That was a good win.

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