Sunday, 20 September 2015

Arts reflection

This term we were learning how the arts connect to the community.  Last week we performed drama and dance for the community.  I involved the community because I spoke out loudly to the community and faced them while doing it and I felt great after. 

The community was showing manaakitia and whānaungatanga because they were all smiling, clapping and talking to each other after the play and making new friends. This important because if they didn't clap or anything they will feel sad.

My highlights were the dance, at the end of my play, because I thought it was fun and the  community liked it too, for example in scene two where I tripped Sam up and also in scene three when I put Sam on instagram.         

The audience responded by not speaking during the plays and they clapped and smiled at the end of the plays. They were also laughing during the plays at the funny parts of course.

I can continue this learning by helping charities in the community and being nice to the people in our community. Click here for my dance

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