Sunday, 20 September 2015


Are you the kind of person that gets a reward after you struggle at some thing? Like when you save the best things on your plate, and eat the gross veggies like brussel sprouts first and save the chicken until last. Or maybe your parents bribe you to take the  rubbish out and say you can watch TV afterwards. Or maybe you're at the doctor and they reward you with a lollipop for being brave. 

Having a reward can make us do the the things we don't really want to do. I'm not very keen on my swimming lessons. But I have the best reward afterwards.

On Tuesdays I used to head to my weekly swimming lesson at Jellie Park. Whenever I walked into Jelly Park, the smell of chlorine would hit me first.  I would hear the splashing and yelling from people in the water, young and old.

The lessons are thirty minutes long, but sometimes it feels like an hour when you're really bored. Especially when you just have to listen to what your swimming instructor says, and they talk forever. I would practice doing my lengths of breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke. 

On this particular day, I was looking forward to my reward after my lesson, because it had been the most boring lesson ever. As I emerged from the pool after last length, Water trickled down over my eyes, but I still had my eyes glued on the prize.

This was the moment I had been waiting for. 
I got straight out of the pool, sped through the doors and began to race up the watery, slippery stairs. When I got to the top my eyes were riveted on the darkness of the tunnel. I could hear the fearful screams of people going down. My friends Dared me to do it "Do it Chris, do it". 

I wasn't so sure now. I was a bit nervous. It was pitch black inside, and the screams were putting me off. But I finally said yes. They said "go", so I carefully stepped forward, placed my hands on the bar above me and jumped in. 
In a second, I was zooming down the slide, my hands clutched on to the sides of slide, trying to slow myself down. The wind was rushing past my face like a tornado. 

I was having so much fun! Red lights in the tunnel flew past me, and soon It wasn't so black anymore, I must be nearly at the bottom. I was whizzing towards the end then splash! It felt like stones were smashing onto my face. I was so relieved that it had ended. But something inside me decided to do it again, because it had been so much fun. I raced back up the steps. 

I dove in without hesitating that time.
It was worth going through that long boring swimming lesson for my time on the hydroslide.
So if you're sitting through something boring, see if you can think of a reward for afterwards, it may not be a good as zooming down a hydro side but it will still be fun.

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  1. Great speech. It no fun doing the stuff you don't like. I actually do the same thing when I have to do something I don't enjoy. I haven't been on the slide at Jellie Park yet, but It seems fun.