Thursday, 24 September 2015

Horse Riding

The thick green forest surrounds me. Horses splutter. I stroke the tough fur of the horse. The horses trot along. A dusty road stretches out in front of us. It looked like a hundred years old.

The sun sets on the horizon. The tall grass towers above us and the fast flowing river beside us reminds me of when I was last here at Hanmer.  The mountains shrug their shoulders as the clouds roll over above.

The crisp breeze on my face reminds me of cold Christchurch. While I think of  what horse to go on I can hear the soothing sound of the river flowing and two birds swooping and banking above. I finally get to the horses, they were giants.

I trudge on to the horse and we leave immediately. We start trotting along, I feel like I was going to fly off the horse and land in the dense mud. I trotted straight into the forest and we see an apple tree. the instructor says"let the  horses have a bite to eat" my horse is swallowing a whole apple in one bite it is incredible!

I feel like I am going to fall off head first but we keep going until we meet a river.  It is a fast flowing river and also sparkling and blue, my horse leans down I slide down onto the horse's  head. Now I felt like I'm getting the hang of it I start to go faster, faster and faster. Soon I am going too fast for my liking I yank the ropes my speed drops like a rock I am so relived. ("We are close to the end") the instructor yells out. 
"Yes!" I said. We trot in, I leap of the horse and take off my helmet. My legs are asleep.  We finally leave. "That was a great day," I say .  

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