Wednesday, 22 July 2015

science reflection

This term I have shown lots of qualities I tested lots of waterways in Christchurch. Evidence I tested water temperature number of invertebrates tested the erosion and tested the clarity of the streams that is proof waterway is healthy or not. Making decisions I had to choose my inquiry project  what options will be most effective what to change. to the stream. Questions what is the case how is it changed over time and how can we take action and improve the stream. Being curious trying to find out what they are curious if it is a meat eater or not curious how much sediment in the river to make sure it is healthy or not. Making careful observations looking closely finding detail and record with a camera so you can't forget. Making decisions based on evidence decisions based on erosion and decisions based on sediment. to make sure of you need to do it or not that was my science reflection.
This is a strugglometer we write down we were at each session so we could struggle because when struggle learn.
This is Archie and I inquiry project 1st copy. I am trying to improve a stormwater drain by waimairi school because it had lots of signs of erosion and it had already eroded into the stream.
This is my second model Archie and I had made it even better for the stream/stormwater drain.

Strategies for learning.

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