Sunday, 10 May 2015

Autumn poem Hanmer

The blazing hot sun burns my eyes
and the hot white sun lights up the flies
I leap into the boiling blazing water
that burns my frosty freezing feet.
I flee out onto the Hydroslide
I slide down on my side
I speed out onto the water
I trip up on a slippery sparkling watery stone
the glittering water shines in my eyes
and the day slowly comes to end.


  1. Great poem, I had similar experience myself and I was there for the whole day with my friends and we had races but the green slide was the fastest so it was a rush to get to it!

  2. I remember the time where I was freezing cold when I got to the end of the hydro slide and I ran so quick to get to the to top because I was so cold.

  3. That's a good poem. That's what I would do, something like that- put my feet in the cold water.